Lucca Comics & Games

Fiera dei fumetti e videogiochi.
30 Ottobre - 1 Novembre Lucca

Lucca Comics & Games is a fair dedicated to comics, animation, games (role-playing, board, card), video games, and fantasy and science fiction imagination. It takes place in Lucca, Tuscany, spanning the days between October and November. Considered the most important Italian event in the sector, it ranks first in Europe and second in the world, following Tokyo's Comiket.

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Special promotions for fishermen - Arno Calcinaia competition field 2 km

Mountain biking on Monte Serra

Mountain Biking: The 6 Must-Try Trails in the Monti Pisani The Monti Pisani offer several possible routes to explore on your mountain bike: paths of varying lengths and difficulty levels. These routes in our province are a must for all mountain biking enthusiasts (Information taken from the website

Piaggio Museum

The Piaggio Museum was inaugurated in March 2000 in the premises of the former tooling workshop, one of the oldest and most fascinating buildings of the industrial complex in Pontedera. This is where the company established its production starting from the early 1920s. The museum was created to preserve and enhance the historical heritage of one of the oldest Italian companies, aiming to reconstruct the events of Piaggio and its territory, retracing a long stretch of Italian history marked by economic transformations, cultural shifts, and industrial development. This is achieved through the exhibition of its most famous and representative products and the rich documentation preserved in the Historical Archive.

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